Mineral planning applications, appeals, court cases and ombudsman reports


Environment Agency withdraws objection to pipeline at Stonehenge Farm

Oxfordshire County Council has allowed the continuation of quarrying and restoration at Stonehenge Farm for an additional 29 months until 31 December 2024.

Land reclamation scheme refused due to impact on woodland

An application for recovery of secondary aggregate and land reclamation at a former opencast site near Pontypool has been refused by Torfaen County Borough...

Permission granted for extension to quarry within a plantation on ancient woodland soils

Wiltshire County Council has approved an application for an extension to Brickworth quarry and infilling with imported inert materials to restore the site...

Building stone

Reserves exchange application in national park approved

The Peak District National Park Authority has approved a one-hectare extension to Pilhough quarry at Stanton Moor, subject to the revocation of permission...

Quarry schemes agreed after stop notice

Oxfordshire County Council has approved an extension to Great Tew quarry after the operator submitted three key schemes linked to pre-commencement conditions.

New conditions determined for historic slate quarry

An application proposing a set of 50 conditions for a slate quarry in north Wales has been agreed by Gwynedd County Council, subject to the extension of...

Energy minerals

MPs dismissed as ignorant

The government is verging on downright ignorance on industry and business and must cut out dogmatic posturing over Brexit, warns a minerals leader.

Coal demand falls again

Global demand for coal has tumbled for a second consecutive year, according to a survey that also reveals the UK is the most extreme example of a nation...

Shale boosts local economy

A mineral company spearheading shale gas exploration is boasting that its operations have given a big economic boost to a regional economy.

Industrial minerals

Boom in market for auctions

Quarry companies could make a killing by auctioning their old machinery thanks to soaring demand and favourable market conditions, says a sales expert.

Planners probe metallurgical coal

A mining company has gone for planning approval for a metallurgical coal project that covers 280 hectares of countryside in the north west.

Brickearth extraction allowed in Kent

An application proposing the extraction of 751,000 tonnes of brickearth from a 37 hectare site near Sittingbourne has been approved by Kent County Council.