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Renewables boost for Cotswolds

Renewables boost for Cotswolds

A waste-management company has bumped up its capacity for generating renewable energy from food waste with a contract to build a new energy plant.

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Council rethinks waste service

A council is looking at a raft of waste-management measures including delegating litter picking to parish councils or taking the service back in house.

FIT not fit says ADBA

The government has been urged to beef up policy in support of anaerobic digestion (AD) after ministers said they would continue winding down the feed-in...

Watchdog refuses waste permit

An environmental watchdog has refused a permit application for a waste storage and treatment facility over fears on its impact on people and nature.

Top resident recyclers rewarded

A council has rewarded 50 top recycling residents after signing up to a new rewards scheme.

DEFRA in hazardous U-turn

DEFRA has been accused of taking a U-turn and "turning its back" on European environmental legislation by continuing to let hazardous materials be sent...