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Water company in AD splash

Water company in AD splash

A water authority is spending about £20m on a plant that will turn 50,000 tonnes of food waste a year into renewable gas.

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Tesco axes single-use bags

Tesco has won praise for announcing last week its single-use carrier bags will be replaced by a new 'bag for life' made from 94% recycled plastic and costing...

Eunomia defends research findings

Eunomia Research & Consulting has hit back after criticism of its recent Residual Waste Infrastructure Review.

Underground bin system opens

The biggest underground bin system in the UK is being built with a sci-fi network of steel bin chutes.

Battery recycling boost for Brexit

A recycling plant billed as the first in the UK could see the UK becoming self-sufficient in battery recycling.

Council recyclables valued at £150m

Councils could plough £150m into the economy every year if they used their recycling services to generate high-quality materials, a new report claims.