ENDS Air Quality Breakfast Briefing 2018
08:15 Registration and Refreshments
08:50 Chairs Opening Remarks

Gareth Simkins, Senior Writer, ENDS
09:00 Technical Advice For Local Authority Officers On Clear Air Zones

- How local authorities can best prepare for implementing their business cases
- The development of clean air zones and intended outcome
- What is the best course of action for reducing pollution from road traffic in your city and what variables are involved.
09:25 Case Study From One Of The 5 Local Authorities On Sharing Their Plans For DEFRA

- Understanding what is required under CAZs
- Using research and local knowledge to correctly to manage local air quality
- How will clean air zone plans affect infrastructure and housing development plans
- Planning for a electrical vehicle mass market
- Understanding the gap between local and central government standards
- What do the Leeds, Bristol and Derby plans look like
09:50 The Challenges Of Reporting Air Quality

- Air quality impact studies broken down
- How to make the public more aware of the health impacts of particulates and NOx
- Locating and mitigating the problem from source as well as at point of exposure
- Making an environmental impact assessment work for you
- The challenges in reporting air quality
- Poor quality data and finding reliable data sources
- Fostering quality data capture initiatives
- Dispersion modelling for different pollutant categories
- What modelling tools are out there?
10:15 Panel Discussion: Dealing With Uncertainty And Navigating The Air Quality Revolution

- What the results of ClientEarth’s court cases will mean for;
- Consultants
- AQ Monitoring equipment suppliers
- APNR suppliers
- The automotive industry
- Moving from linear to circular financing and fostering long term thinking
- Investing in zero emission mobility and finding the best way to phase out polluting vehicles
- How we can meet EU limit values as soon as possible whilst not forgetting about future impacts of decisions being made now?
- Diesel bans: Is this a suitable solution and should there be a national scrappage scheme?
- How will competing local air standards affect air quality and adherence to standards nationally?
10:55 Chairs Closing Remarks

Gareth Simkins, Senior Writer, ENDS
11:00 Close of Breakfast Briefing