Wednesday 27th June 2018

15 Hatfields, London

The Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan, published in January 2018, is underpinned by the natural capital approach. Organisations have been trialling natural capital studies in recent years, and now that the government has focused its support on natural capital, what more needs to be done for this to hit the mainstream? Organisations are still faced with many challenges before they can roll out a comprehensive account of their natural capital assets and impacts, including the need for the implementation of a policy framework, a clear set of metrics and indicators and buy-in from stakeholders.

The ENDS Natural Capital Conference will bring together people from around the country who want to develop a natural capital approach, and are keen to explore what the next phase of piloting might look like.

Key themes for 2018:

- Hear best practice Natural Capital applied approaches, learn from their successes and failures
- How is Natural Capital valuation influencing strategic decision making?
- Understanding the internal conditions for success in mainstreaming the Natural Capital approach within your organisation
- Practical insights into how to build and analyse your data effectively
- Equip yourself with the techniques and knowledge to become a master storyteller and to communicate your vision and plans to stakeholders

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