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Shock warning on HGVs

Shock warning on HGVs

Up to one thousand 40-tonne plus construction HGVs are badly regulated thanks to a legal loophole, warn industry chiefs.

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New biogas for the Highlands

New biogas for the Highlands

A 200-year-old whisky distillery in the Scottish Highlands is installing a biogas plant to improve energy efficiency and the plant's green credentials.

CPA warning on ONS figures.

Official figures showing a fall in construction output have alarmed building chiefs.

New dredging figures published

Almost 18 million tonnes of sand and gravel were dredged from Crown Estate licences in England and Wales last year, slightly more than in 2015.

Restoration starts on mine

Work restoring a long derelict surface coal mine has started and will involve large-scale reshaping of steep slopes.

Scientists test mine water systems

Scientists are researching materials to improve mine water treatment schemes.