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Coal Authority relaunches report

Coal Authority relaunches report

The Coal Authority has improved its long-established coal mining report for environmental consultants by adding new data sets on seams, hazards and subsidence.

Latest Briefing

New guide on marine aggregates

A new guide for marine aggregate extraction in English waters has been published to try and improve sustainability.

Construction figures "shout" recession

Official figures showing another drop in building output "shout" construction recession, insists the Construction Products Association (CPA).

Aggregate warning on floods

An aggregates company is calling for a rapid response regime for the planning of flood defences in advance of expected storms across Britain.

Unique road aggregate pioneered

An infrastructure company has rolled out tonnes of recycled aggregates for a project it says marks a pivotal shift in the way roads are built and maintained...

Quarries gather nature data

Minerals chiefs have launched a series of nature surveys at designated locations to build a bigger picture of the species colonising restored quarries.