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Pressure eases on big contractors

Pressure eases on big contractors

Big-name contractors that felt the financial squeeze last year have started 2019 in better shape, according to a leading analyst.

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Cemex rolls out 57 trucks

Cemex has put in a bumper order of new pedestrian-safety trucks.

Sensors to save grit

A technology company has developed a sensing system to ensure an equal spread of grit across road surfaces.

Hanson in £1.1m depot spend

Hanson UK completed a major investment of its Bellshill cement depot in Glasgow in January to transform it into a dual-product storage and distribution...

UK slate wins global recognition

A British slate has become the first slate in the world to be designated a Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR).

Marine aggregates get greener

The marine aggregate sector is cleaning up its environmental act by reducing both its licensed footprint and area of seabed being dredged, new research...