Mineral planning applications, appeals, court cases and ombudsman reports


Increase in HGVs allowed at Welsh slate quarry

The amendment to the existing conditions granted by Gwynedd County Council allowed five HGV loads a day Monday to Friday at the Alexandra quarry, Caernarfon.

Ancillary development approved at Yorkshire quarry

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has granted permission for a two storey office building, two weighbridges and alterations to the internal haul roads at...

Replacement house found to be incompatible with quarry restoration

Aggregate Industries has been refused permission to reinstate a dwelling, outbuildings and access road at Newbold quarry, near Burton upon Trent.

Building stone

Amendment to stone transportation arrangements granted

Oxfordshire County Council has allowed the variation of conditions to allow the transport of large stone blocks from Castle Barn quarry by HGV following...

Slate waste tip recovery scheme refused on appeal

An appeal against Gwynedd County Council's refusal to give permission to extract material for use as walling stone, fill and aggregate has been dismissed...

New conditions determined for Yorkshire building stone quarry

Calderdale Council has approved a set of new conditions for a building stone quarry near Halifax.

Energy minerals

Drax's 299MW former mine-based power station approved

The £90m Milbrook Power station in Bedfordshire has been rubber stamped by the energy secretary. The open-cycle gas turbine power station will be built...

Power generation plant proposed for oilfield site

Dorset County Council will decide on 21 March whether to approve an application for a 24 megawatt power plant comprising two gas engines and two waste...

Revised proposals for restoration of Scottish opencast site approved

East Ayrshire Council has approved a revised coaling and restoration scheme at the House of Water surface mine after a supplementary assessment.

Industrial minerals

Silica sand extraction approved in Cheshire

A controversial cross boundary application for silica sand extraction in the North West has been approved by both councils involved, subject to referral...

Extended timescale agreed for industrial limestone quarry

Cumbria County Council has approved applications seeking to revise the restoration scheme and extend the timescale for completion of restoration at Shapfell...

MPs target workplace falls

MPs have called for tough fines, an independent watchdog and a better system for reporting accidents as part of a massive overhaul of rules on falls from...