News feeds are an easy way to keep updated on the news that's of interest to you. Instead of having to go to Mineral Planning or Waste Planning to see if there's a new story or feature, a news feed will deliver the headlines straight to your desktop, every time the news you want is updated.

How does it work?

MIneral and Waste Planning feeds use RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication). To use RSS, you need to get hold of an application called a news reader. There are many that you can download, some free and some that require a small fee. They display RSS information feeds from your chosen websites on your computer. After you have installed the application, all you have to do to get set up is choose what RSS feeds you want, for example an RSS feed of all the latest social care or youth work stories.

List of news readers

Choose your news feed

Click on the feed you want from the list below, then add the URL (the web address at the top of the browser window that will pop up) into your reader. You can also copy the URL of any RSS links you see on the site to receive the RSS feed for that page. Not all readers operate in exactly the same way so refer to your reader's user guide for more details.

Mineral Planning

Mineral Planning (all articles)

Mineral Planning Briefing (news)

Mineral Planning Knowledge Bank

Mineral Planning Casework (applications, appeals, court cases, ombudsman reports)

Waste Planning

Waste Planning (all articles)

Waste Planning Briefing (news)

Waste Planning Knowledge Bank

Waste Planning Casework (applications, appeals, court cases, ombudsman reports)