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Industry welcomes Treasury tax

Industry welcomes Treasury tax

Industry leaders have welcomed the findings of a government consultation that found "record-breaking" support for reducing single-use plastics and boosting recycling through taxation.

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ESA probes weight and recycling

Current weight-based recycling targets for waste have may not be "fit for purpose", according to a report published on Monday.

Shock report on 'ugly' food

More than a third of fruit and vegetables never reaches supermarket shelves because it looks ugly or is the wrong size resulting in massive waste, research...

Packaging drive in Cornwall

Locals are being urged to take food and drink cartons and paper cups for recycling at household waste recycling centres (HWRC) as part of a pilot project...

Media-overkill risk to plastic message

Political and public shock at plastic pollution is so high it risks damaging efforts to tackle the disaster by muddying messages and diverting attention,...

Developer in plastic bottles push

A property developer has coaxed almost 100 big retail brands to sign up to an initiative to reduce single-use plastic bottles.