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High street in polymer pledge

High street in polymer pledge

Many of the high street's big brands are working with a waste management company to ensure product packaging can survive its sorting process for polymer recycling.

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Officers seize fly-tipper's van

A local authority that hid a camera in a fly-tipping black spot has been rewarded after a criminal was ordered to pay thousands of pounds and had his van...

Bodycams tackle waste criminals

Environment Agency enforcement teams are clipping video cameras to their jackets to try and prevent violent backlashes when probing waste crimes.

New chief for NLWA

North London Waste Authority (NLWA) appointed a new director last week four days after calling for an end to labelling confusion to prevent food waste.

MPs target fashion bosses

Fashion retail bosses have come under the spotlight after MPs called on them to prove their sustainability credentials.

Viridor fined for fatality

A waste management company was fined £650,000 last week after a worker was killed while cleaning a large ballistic separator machine.