Waste planning applications, appeals, court cases and ombudsman reports


ESA probes weight and recycling

Current weight-based recycling targets for waste have may not be "fit for purpose", according to a report published on Monday.

Packaging drive in Cornwall

Locals are being urged to take food and drink cartons and paper cups for recycling at household waste recycling centres (HWRC) as part of a pilot project...

Energy from waste

Solid recovered fuel set to soar

Oliver Caunce looks at the solid recovered fuel market for energy from waste and explains why waste processors should take advantage of the growth potential...

Revised energy-from-waste proposals would be visually intrusive, council decides

South Lanarkshire Council has refused a waste to energy plant on a vacant five-hectare site in Hamilton because of its detrimental effect on the local...


Technical issues lead to application for third storage tank at AD facility

Worcestershire County Council has granted permission for a storage tank at an existing anaerobic digestion facility at Springhill Farm, Pershore.

Agricultural AD facility allowed with imported food waste feedstock

Cambridgeshire County Council has approved an application for a biomethane gas and electricity to grid anaerobic digestion plant and associated development...


100-year storage facility approved for Sellafield decommissioning

Cumbria County Council has granted permission for the storage of additional nuclear waste material in an existing self shielded box store (SSBS) for up...

The future of funding for waste

We are on the cusp of the biggest shift in waste policy since 1990, says Lee Marshall, who outlines a recent policy paper on funding that examines the...