Waste planning applications, appeals, court cases and ombudsman reports


Council partnership targets recycling

A Midlands council is spending £130m on a host of measures to improve recycling rates, educate locals on littering and offer work to ex-criminals.

ESA warning on safety

The Environmental Services Association (ESA) last week launched a new health and safety report looking into the contrasting performance across the industry.

Energy from waste

Incineration report splits sector

A report claiming two million tonnes of waste went to energy facilities or were simply burned last year in London has split industry opinion.

Making feedstock fit for purpose

A project team has launched what it says is a faster, more accurate test for measuring biomethane potential of anaerobic digestion feedstocks to help boost...


Rural AD plant allowed

A proposal for an anaerobic digester plant including digester tanks, biomethane gas-to-grid plant, combined heat and power unit, flare, lagoon, buffer...

Green waste use approved subject to additional condition

Hertfordshire County Council has given further consideration to a proposal for the continued use of a maturation pad for the processing of green waste...


Waste imports to former allotments approved

Newcastle City Council has approved an application to cap a former allotments site with topsoil and sub-soil to raise the land by 0.4 metres.

Material imports refused due to lack of licence

A reporter has dismissed an appeal against a refusal of permission for material to be brought onto land from an adjacent housing site to contain and treat...