Waste planning applications, appeals, court cases and ombudsman reports


Nestle in 100% recyclability goal

One of the world's biggest consumer brands plans to make every item of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

Government awards glass recycling contract

A waste management company that spent £1m upgrading a recycling plant has been rewarded with a big government contract.

Energy from waste

Biomass boilers approved at former colliery site

Permission has been granted by Lancashire County Council for a new building at a waste transfer station to house two biomass boilers with nine-metre high...

Charge 'change' is hard to digest

The Environment Agency wants to overhaul permitting charges, but in doing so the organisation risks unfairly punishing anaerobic digestion or even putting...


Changes to feedstock for agricultural AD facility allowed

Northamptonshire County Council has approved an application proposing to modify the feedstock of an anaerobic digester to incorporate a higher proportion...

Third digestate lagoon approved to serve AD plant

Lincolnshire County Council has granted permission for a lined and covered lagoon for storing digestate at a rural location near Gainsborough after a debate...


Council prosecutes landfill operator

A local authority has prosecuted a waste-management company for failing to comply with a legal notice over a tipping bay at a landfill site.

Make mattress mountains matter

Waste mattresses have become a landfill nightmare all-but ignored by MPs and policies. But Nick Oettinger says it is time to create more retailer and consumer...